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9 Signs Your Air Conditioning System Needs Repairs

Most homeowners complain that their air conditioning units break down randomly. However, this is not an accurate assessment. Much like other machines, AC units display symptoms before they break down completely. Once you’ve identified these symptoms, you can call your local technician to solve the problem for you.

Below is the list of 9 symptoms that all contractors who provide air conditioning service in Tucson agree with.

9 Symptoms of Ac Repair


Symptom 1 – Your Home Feels Like a Sauna.

Reason – Your air conditioner is not able to maintain the moisture level inside the unit. Therefore, the air inside your home has become humid.

Symptom 2 – You Hear Constant Noises.

Reason – There is a broken or cracked plate, motor, or fan inside your AC unit. This has displaced the part from its original location and is now loose.

Symptom 3 – You Can See Puddles on Your Floor.

Reason – There is a broken pipe inside your AC. This can either be condensate pipes or refrigerant pipes. You can spot the difference by seeing whether the puddle is colorless (water) or colored (refrigerant).

Symptom 4 – Your Ac Can’t Maintain The Temperature.

Reason – There can be several causes for this. However, the most common reason is that the thermostat is not working properly. This is usually due to ineffective calibration.

Symptom 5 – Your Ac Gives Out Only Warm Air.

Reason – Your AC’s filters or refrigerant coils are clogged, causing insufficient cooling of the air as it passes through the system.

Symptom 6 – Your Ac Does Not Give Out Any Air.

Reason – There can be several reasons behind this problem. In the level of severity –
A. Blocked outdoor unit
B. Dirty filters
C. Dirty or clogged coils
D. Broken motor or fan.

Symptom 7 – Your Ac Gives Out a Bad Smell.

Reason – Your AC’s filters and coils have not been cleaned in a long time. They have become caked with dirt. This promotes bacterial growth and bad odor.

Symptom 8 – You See a Rise in Electricity Bills.

Reason – Your AC is no longer energy efficient. This can be due to the motor, fan, or any other part inside the AC. It can easily be solved by calling a tune-up service.

Symptom 9 – Your Ac is Frozen.

Reason – This can be due to several reasons. In the level of severity –
1. Insufficient airflow
2. Blocked or clogged filters
3. Insufficient refrigerant
4. Blocked or clogged coils

What To Do Next?

If you find any of these problems, contact an HVAC contractor for air conditioning repair in Tucson. They will be able to understand the problem and solve it. Do not delay in calling a repair service. If you don’t have a contractor, you should call Air4U.

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