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AC Drain Line Blocked? Get Some Vinegar And Start Working!

An air conditioner has many essential parts, like filters, evaporator coil, and air ducts. One of such parts is the drain line. If the drain line does not work efficiently, the working of the whole system gets disturbed, and you may have to look out for an expert to help with the air conditioning service in Tucson to solve the issue.

The drain line is responsible for removing the condensate from the evaporator coil. It transfers the condensate from the handler to the outside. If the drain line gets blocked due to debris or other pollutants, the condensation stays there and hinders the system’s performance.

What Happens When the Drain Line Gets Blocked?

The drain line becomes a home for debris like mold, algae, fungus, bacteria, and tiny plants. Over time, they continue to grow. Once they are big enough, they block the path of the drain line, and the water stays in the drain pan.

The stored water leaks into the house and causes costly water repairs. You may face problems like high humidity levels, smelly odors, and inefficient working of your air conditioner. If you find any of these symptoms at your home, it is about time to look out for an expert who provides an air conditioning service in Tucson.

How To Unclog the Drain Yourself?

If the clogging problem has grown out of hand, you need to call an expert to help with the air duct cleaning in Tucson. But if you clean and unclog the drains regularly, you can avoid the costly bill of drain unclogging.

Vinegar is the best liquid to kill any bacteria or fungus growing in the drain lines. Follow these steps once a month to avoid calling professionals to unclog your drain lines:

  • Ensure that your air conditioner is off. Check the thermostat and the breaker and once you are sure that the power supply is off, continue with the next steps.
  • Find the drain line. It is a PVC pipe near the outdoor unit and attached to your home’s wall.
  • Once you find the pipe, find its access point. The access point will have a T-shaped vent, and it may have a cover or a cap. Remove it and find the location of the blockages in the pipe.
  • Get distilled white vinegar and pour one-fourth cup of it into the drain line from the access point. Its acidic nature will kill all bacterial and fungal growth in the drain line. If you feel uncomfortable working with vinegar, you can use hot water or peroxide with dish soap.
  • Pour water in it to flush out the remains and ensure it gets unclogged. Let it sit there for half an hour.
  • Close the access point and start using your air conditioner.Ensure to do these steps each month so that you do not have to look for an expert in air duct cleaning in Tucson for the cleaning.

Let us assist you in cleaning your drain lines efficiently and at nominal rates. You can search for AC companies in Tucson, or you can contact us at our number 928-830-6554.