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Benefits Of Investing In a New A/C System In the Winter

Benefits Of Investing In a New A/C System In the Winter

There are numerous benefits to investing in a new air conditioning system from AIR4U during the winter. You may think it is unusual, but savvy homeowners understand that this saves money in the end.

In fact, there are several advantages to replacing your old equipment during the winter. This is because planning in advance saves you time, money, getting the right equipment, and all the hassles that come with putting it off until the summer. Here are some of the benefits!

Time and Money

One of the biggest factors that people really don’t think about is time, but it’s actually the most important piece for a couple of reasons.

1. It Feels Like Air Conditioners Only Break Down When You Need It

It’s true because your system, like any mechanical  Benefits Of Investing In a New A/C System In the Winterdevice, runs best when it runs at a nice constant easy pace. When it’s winter, your furnace may be running, but your air conditioner isn’t. So, all the parts come to a rest.

If you have any pin hole leaks in your line, your freon starts leaking out. The seals and gaskets that may be holding these fluids in check start to dry out over time and fail. Sludge may have built up in your lubricant in your compressor and now has all settled to the bottom.

Moisture may have gotten into various components and caused corrosion. All the various things that hopefully were caught during your bi-annual maintenance, but sometimes we push that maintenance off until it is too late.

One thing we know (especially here in Southern Arizona) is that we have a pleasant 80-degree one day and the next day we jump to 110 with our first heatwave! And once the heat hits, it is here to stay for the duration of the summer.

We kick on our system expecting nice cold air, but instead, we hear loud noises, burnt smells, and see puddles of liquid. At that point, your heart sinks and you know you are in for a headache.

2. A/C Professionals Are Booked When You Need Them

You call a local A/C professional expecting to make an appointment for later that day or the next and guess what!! EVERY company in town is inundated with phone calls and the next available appointment is ten days from now!

Think that’s crazy! It’s NOT! In the matter of one day, all the technicians will be working 16-hour days trying to get to everyone. The supply houses are hit hard on inventory and it never fails they run out of some of the equipment that you need!

During the Pandemic in 2020, factories were shut down and there was no production for two months. We had customers going without A/C for weeks in the middle of summer!

3. Time to Make Good Decisions

The next part of the time that people don’t think about is the time to research what’s best for you when it comes to a new system. Not all systems are equal! And when you invest THOUSANDS of dollars in a new system, don’t you want to take your time and get what you want? Imagine if your four-wheel-drive truck broke down and the only vehicle available to buy is a 4-cylinder two-door mini-car. However, time is of the essence.

You still have to the kids to school and yourself to work on time, so you buy the small car. How do you now feel spending thousands of dollars on something you do not want just because you are short on time? A/C is no different!

Your system needs to be replaced, it is 110 degrees out, supply houses are out of stock on the unit you want so you either wait two weeks for it to be transferred in from another state or you buy the entry-level off-brand model that is in stock now because your spouse and kids are dying of heat?

Shopping for a new air conditioner while it is still winter gives you additional time to review your options and make smart choices! This helps you avoid impulse purchases and regrettable decisions.

4. Planning Saves Money

Your system is broken and all they have in stock is the most expensive high-end system. You cannot bring yourself to spend that kind of money on a home that most people only live in for a few years before they upgrade, so now you are forced to wait two weeks until a more affordable system comes back into stock. Now you are forced to decide between time and money.

In the wintertime there is no rush on air conditioners, so you can shop around and get a few quotes. More importantly, you have time to talk to each company and get their perspective on what they are proposing you should get and why. Sometimes you spend money on things you do not need and vice versa.

Additionally, if you plan ahead, you can almost always avoid the aggravation of attempting to schedule an installation in the middle of Club season. Instead, you can choose a time that is less hectic for both you and your contractor.

5. Price Changes

Consumers may not realize that springtime is when vendors evaluate their costs for the new year which inevitably leads to price increases. Buying a new system before then is a smart move.

6. You Get What You Pay For

It is the age-old golden rule, you can either have it fast, cheap or good, but you can’t have it all. “The triangle is a maxim that high-quality goods delivered quickly and efficiently to customers will always come at a higher price and vice versa.” That is the cold, hard definition of the unattainable triangle.

So again, it is 110 degrees out and your A/C is out. You ask some friends and family for referrals for a good local A/C company. However, once you call them, they are booked up for days or even weeks. So, you call the ‘Big’ company in town. You know the one with a monopoly on television and radio ads and their logo is all over the billboards.

They tell you they can have a whole team of people at your house the very next day to install that new A/C. What is the catch? Remember the maxim? What is good and fast is not cheap!

Or the other scenario is that you hear from a guy at work who has a friend whose ex-brother-in-law installs A/C and can get you a screaming deal on an A/C. What is the maxim? What is fast and cheap is not going to be good quality.

You get the work done and the price is great, but you got it installed by someone that is not licensed or insured and the first time you need warranty work done on that ‘new’ system, you never hear from the installer ever again.

Save Yourself the Headache

As you can see there are several reasons to get a new A/C during the wintertime which you will appreciate come summer! Beat the heat and give AIR4U a call today and let us help you stay relaxed!