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‘BTU DOE’ For Air Conditioners – Will It Affect You?

You might just have stumbled upon the strange term “BTU” while browsing for an air conditioning system or heard it from a Tucson AC service company. Not only does it show up across every product information, but it also appears in several brand names. Although it is self-evident that this is critical to comprehending air conditioners, it is unclear why that’s so and why this should concern you.

What does BTU stand for?

BTU is the abbreviation that stands for British Thermal Unit. It’s a type of method to determine power. One BTU is the quantity of electricity necessary to raise a pound of water temperature by one degree Fahrenheit. It is most commonly used when discussing air conditioner units.

How is your AC related to BTU?

A BTU value is assigned to air conditioners. This grade simply helps AC repair companies in Tucson, AZ, inform you of the unit’s capability. They are accustomed to telling you about the effectiveness of both heating or air cooling units. This evaluation process makes good sense for burners since BTUs quantify the amount of effort consumed to boil a pound of water. But what do they imply in terms of an air conditioner? Hear from an expert technician of air conditioning repair in Tucson.

Air conditioners eliminate hot air and distribute cold air rather than heating it. In this situation, BTUs are still useful as a system of measurement. Rather than monitoring how much heat is supplied to your apartment’s atmosphere, they detect how much heat is withdrawn. The greater the BTU value of an air conditioning unit, like with heaters, the more effective it is, but not always.

High is not always good.

Experts of air conditioning repair in Tucson say that increasing the quantity of BTUs might not be the best solution. Using an air conditioner with a greater BTU rating than necessary might force the device to cool fast, turn off, and have to turn on anyway rapidly to preserve your setpoint. Your air conditioner’s compressor may rapidly overburden itself if it cycles on and off in such irregular intervals. This can drastically shorten your unit’s life.

Too little, and you’ve set your AC for damage.

Operating an air conditioner with insufficient BTUs can prevent you from attaining your ideal degree of satisfaction. Your device will be unable to manage the excess heat. This will force your air conditioner to run indefinitely, never reaching the temperature you selected. Not to mention that it will have a shorter life expectancy and will frequently need AC repair in Tucson, AZ, services.

BTUs are an essential aspect to consider when purchasing a new air conditioner. You can figure out how many BTUs you’ll need on your own, but it’s always preferable to sClub with a professional Tucson AC service specialist for optimal outcomes.

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