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Can You Fix The Air Conditioner Unit By Yourself?

The answer to this question is not simple. Some air conditioner problems can be solved at home without professional help. For others, professional help is recommended. This article will discuss air conditioner problems that you can solve yourself and those that you shouldn’t.

According To Ac Companies In Tucson, Here Are The Most Common Air Conditioner Problems –


Problem 1 – Insufficient or Warm Airflow.

Verdict – It can be solved.
The cause behind this problem is dirty filters and dirty coils. Both of these can be cleaned at home without any professional help. All you’ll need is water, industrial foam cleaner, and cardboard. Before you start cleaning, remember to turn off your indoor and outdoor unit.

Problem 2 – Bad Odor Coming From The Ac.

Verdict – It can be solved.
Once again, the cause of this is dirty filters. Turn off your AC unit before you remove filters. If you use replaceable filters, you can buy a new filter from your local HVAC contractor. If your filters are reusable, clean them with foam cleaner and water. Dry them completely before installing again.

Problem 3 – Electrical Problems.

Verdict – It can’t be solved.
Electrical problems can define the future working of your unit. If you misalign a wire, chances are you won’t be able to use the unit again. Therefore these problems should only be handled by professional contractors.

Problem 4 – Clanking, Chirping, or Banging Noises.

Verdict – It can’t be solved.
These problems indicate that there’s a broken mechanical part inside a unit. While the answer to this seems simple: replace the part; it can cause additional problems. It is best to call a contractor and have them repair the unit.

Problem 5 – Ac Won’t Turn On.

Verdict – It can be solved.
A tripped breaker generally causes this. Inspect the breaker panel to decide whether the fuse has tripped. If you notice that the breaker has tripped only halfway, flip it off completely before turning it on.

Problem 6 – Refrigerant is Leaking

Verdict – It can’t be solved.
You can distinguish between a water leak and a refrigerant leak by the leakage’s color, consistency, and odor. Neither of these can be solved without professional help. The refrigerant leak also comes with other symptoms like no airflow and warm airflow.

What To Do Next?

If you’ve identified one of these problems in your air conditioner unit, the best thing to do is to call a local HVAC contractor. They will be able to solve the problem for you. While the above-given list mentions problems that you can solve independently, we recommend getting at least one training or demonstration session from your contractor before you start.

Don’t Have A Contractor?

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