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Does A Goodman Air Conditioning Unit Have A Reset Button?

Knowing your Goodman Air Conditioning Unit Reset Button location will give you an easy way to reboot the system if the air conditioning unit is having trouble. Goodman air conditioning units, just like any other air conditioner, will have a reset button on them. The AC reset button is normally a red rubber button and fairly tiny in size. It should be captioned evidently as a “reset button “.

You may wish to reset your Goodman AC unit due to power outage issues. Your Air Conditioning unit may not entirely kick on due to the protection circuit breaker staving off fires and outbreaks.

As an HVAC manufacturer with a decent reputation, Goodman provides Air Conditioner systems that are high quality and easy to operate. If your air conditioning unit does not work out, the first thing you have to do is examine any circuit breakers or fuses. In most cases, a quick system reset is generally all it requires to get your Air Conditioning unit to perform normally again. Let your Goodman Air Conditioning system cool down for a couple of minutes before resetting any breakers.

Where Is It?

The reset button on a Goodman air conditioning system should be on the outdoor air conditioning unit close to where the tubing is welded on the AC system. This is a high-pressure switch that trips if the air conditioning unit gets heated, so assess and inspect the coil for dirt, etc.

How To Reset?

Resetting the circuit breaker is the fastest and simplest way to reset your Goodman air conditioning system.

Step 1 -Go to your electrical service panel and find the circuit breaker that conforms to your Goodman air conditioning system.

Step 2- Flip the circuit breaker into the “Off” position and wait for some time.

Step 3- Shift the circuit breaker to the “On” position to reset your Goodman air conditioning system.

If your air conditioner goes on to trip the circuit breaker or is slow to produce cool air, you may have more serious difficulties. This could be loose connections or uncovered wires inside the AC that causes power spurts, and the air conditioning system reset button keeps tripping. These conditions generate security risks for resetting, over time, may damage your Goodman air conditioning unit.

Resetting your Goodman AC unit is frequently the remedy to fix the issue you’re experiencing. It’s a simple fix once you get the hang of it. Nevertheless, if you notice that your Air conditioning unit needs to be restarted repeatedly, it may be time for a proficient expert to get to the root of the issue.

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