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Heating: Furnace Repair In Tucson, Marana, Oro Valley, Sahuarita, AZ, And The Surrounding Areas

As the crisp, cold weather of Fall approaches, it is time to make sure your furnace is working at an optimum level. It’s a busy time of year for furnace repairs and replacements as we get closer to winter, where you will need that warm air to stay comfortable indoors. We do furnace repair in Tucson, AZ, and surrounding areas.

If You Are Unsure If Your Furnace Needs Repair Or Regular Maintenance Work, Look For These Signs:

1.The Thermostat Not Responding

You have your air on heat up to 80 degrees, and it doesn’t feel like it’s getting any warmer. This problem could be due to electrical issues or loose wiring

2.Decreased Efficiency

An increase in your electric or gas bill shows that your heating system is not operating at peak performance anymore

3.Strange Noises

Any banging, screeching, humming, or popping sounds could be a warning you need to replace your heating system or its components. Noises can be caused by unsecured ductwork, loose screws, a failure in the motor fan, a loose bearing, or a deteriorating belt and pulley.

4.Abnormal Furnace Smells

Furnaces can smell like the fuel that they use, especially when they turn on for the first time in a year. Most furnace odors dissipate as the unit runs. However, if you notice a strong smell of fuel around the unit, an odor that appears suddenly, or a scent that doesn’t go away over time, you may have a furnace problem.

These smells can result from a wide range of issues, from a gas leak to excessive dust inside the unit. Have an HVAC professional assess the odor to determine its cause.

If you smell gas leaking, shut down your furnace immediately. Call the fire department.

5. A Dusty House

An improperly functioning furnace can cause an increase in dry air and create more dust.  This happens when the furnace is not able to control the humidity level in the house. Air quality like this can cause respiratory problems as well, so call a repairman before the symptoms get too bad.

6. An Old Furnace

If your furnace is more than 15 years old, your heating system could last between 16 and 20 years. You may want to replace your old heater with a new one, which will save you time and money in the long run.

7. Difficulty Starting the Unit

As a furnace ages, you may have more trouble turning the unit on and keeping it running. If you have to try multiple times to start the unit or restart your furnace throughout the day, you likely need a repair.

These functionality issues often stem from disconnected wiring or damaged thermostats. Replacing the affected part should resolve the issue.

8. Discolored Pilot Light

Pay attention to the color of your pilot light. A healthy pilot light usually appears blue. A pilot light of a different color, especially yellow, can indicate a ventilation problem.

The color change occurs when gases like carbon monoxide don’t dissipate as they should. This issue can cause health problems for you and your family or even make your unit more combustible if not addressed.

9. Inadequate Heat

One of the most obvious signs that a furnace needs repairs is that the unit is not doing its job. If your furnace is producing no heat or only a low level of heat regardless of your thermostat settings, schedule repairs.

The most common causes of inadequate heat are leaking ductwork that allows treated air to escape and faulty thermostats that do not correctly communicate with the furnace unit.

10. Poor Air Quality

Your furnace system has a direct impact on the air quality in your home. A poorly maintained system may move dirt, bacteria, and other foreign particles throughout your home along with the heated air. You may notice more floating dust in your air, along with frequent coughs, colds, and other respiratory ailments. If you or someone in your family has allergies, the number of foreign particles available may also cause
symptoms like itchiness, watery eyes, and headache.

Sometimes, resolving furnace-related air-quality problems is as easy as replacing the filter. In more serious cases, the ductwork and unit may need to be professionally cleaned.

11. Tripped Carbon-Monoxide Detector

Your furnace is equipped with a carbon-monoxide detector designed to alert you to the presence of toxic gases. If the detector goes off, turn the furnace off immediately and open the windows to ventilate your home.

Consult with your gas company and an HVAC contractor to determine the source of the gas. If you notice any combination of the warning signs listed above, don’t wait for your furnace to give out. Schedule an assessment and the necessary repairs as soon as possible.

Simple Furnace Repair Checks

  • If the furnace or AC doesn’t run, it may have lost power. It may not be getting any fuel. If the air isn’t reaching the rooms of your house, it could be a blower problem.
  • Make sure the unit is getting power. Keep an eye out for blown fuses or circuit breakers
  • Make sure the power switch is turned on.
  • If your furnace uses gas, make sure the supply is turned on and the pilot light is lit.
  • Maintain regular cleaning, as that is the most important part of regular maintenance. Dirt can affect every part of the system, wasting fuel and reducing efficiency.
  • Be sure to lubricate when necessary and adjust belts.

How Do You Know If You Should Repair or Replace?

A good rule of thumb is if the cost of repair is 50% of the new furnace’s price, you should go ahead and replace it because it will save you money in the long run. If you require Heating Repair In Tucson, Marana, Oro Valley, Sahuarita, AZ, And The Surrounding Areas call us today!  We will gladly do repairs, routine maintenance work, and new installations.

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