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How Do You Keep Your AC Healthy?

Your air conditioning system is a contemporary convenience that keeps your family and houses cool when you need it. On the other hand, they lose their efficiency over time, especially if they are not properly maintained.
Though some of these concerns are unavoidable because of aging, others, such as those caused by the accumulation of dirt, dust, and grime, are avoidable if adequate maintenance is performed. Apply the following AC efficiency recommendations to save money and get the most out of your appliance.

Schedule Your Spring Service

Before the hot summer begins, you should get yearly air conditioning service in Tucson. Most HVAC firms provide tune-up services to ensure that your system is operating at peak efficiency. Tightening all wires, lubricating fans, and cleansing the system are part of a tune-up.

The expert will check the coolant levels and be able to identify more significant concerns, such as coolant leakage, that can occur after years of use, and then repair the damage to restore your air conditioner’s superior efficiency. Servicing your air conditioner will make it more fuel-efficient and help save money.

Replace The Air Filter

Your air conditioner circulates air inside the home daily. After sending cool air into living spaces, it collects old air and circulates it back through the system. Before the air returns to your air handling unit near the furnace, it passes through an air filter, which traps particles and air pollutants that could harm your system.

As the air filter becomes clogged with pollen and dust, the airflow traveling to the handler is limited, causing your system to struggle and perform inefficiently. By cleaning the air filter regularly, you can prolong the life of your ac unit and keep its efficiency at top levels. Make sure you have the proper air filter as well.

Clean The External Compressor

One essential central air efficiency suggestion is to keep your compressors and condenser coils clean. Clean the compressor and condenser coils with a water hose, but be careful not to get any wires wet. When cleaning coils, pay special attention to the fins, which are sensitive and prone to bending. If you detect any twisted fins, just straighten them out with a fin comb.

Furthermore, remove any grass, weeds, or old leaves accumulated around your air conditioner throughout the winter, and avoid planting within two feet of the device. Items must not be stored near the external compressor since anything that obstructs airflow reduces the efficiency of your AC system.

Return Air Ducts Should Be Cleaned

In addition to cleaning the filter, you should also clean the return air ducts. Duct covers filled with lint, dust, and debris restrict airflow and make your system work harder, reducing its lifespan and reducing efficiency. To ensure that appropriate airflow reaches your HVAC unit, vacuum these ducts whenever you clean the room.

Examine The Pipe Insulation Of The AC

The cooling capacity of an air conditioner might be impacted by torn or disintegrated insulation. Inspect the insulation covering the refrigerant pipes every summer and replace it as needed to keep the air conditioner functioning efficiently. The old insulation may be readily removed and replaced with new materials.

AIR 4 U Is There For You

The air conditioner, like anything else you possess, is a partner with requirements. Begin by selecting the best one for your house and providing it with everything it requires to provide you with whatever you need. Optimal placement, energy-saving techniques, frequent maintenance, and a keen eye will help it last for years.

If your air conditioner isn’t doing its job, there’s typically something you can do about it. Contact AIR 4 U if you need air conditioning repair in Tucson. We are happy to help!