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How Often Should I Run My Furnace In Winter?

As the cold weather rolls in, the house owners put their furnaces out for use. A furnace in the house becomes the only way to get warmth during the winters. Setting the furnace at a comfortable temperature and getting a desirable indoor climate is always the best feeling. At the same time, the owners should know how often they should run the furnace during winter.

Every household is different regarding size, density, and many other parameters. Sometimes mechanical and other problems also change the furnace’s frequency of usage.

  • Running and Cycles

“Running” means the time for which the furnace operates to deliver the desired temperature. If someone sets the temperature to 45 degrees, the furnace will run for a set amount of time to reach 45 degrees and then shut off. When the furnace shuts off, the temperature drops, and the furnace starts running another cycle to restore the temperature to the preferred setting.

Likewise, the furnace would run several cycles to maintain the set temperature. Also, the furnace would run only if the set temperature is above the normal one. If the furnace fails to deliver such heating cycles, the owners must go for furnace repair in Tucson.

  • Routine Furnace Cycles

Industrial research has proven that furnaces running 10 to 15 minutes per cycle is a good sign for the heater. And even if the cycles take some more time, such as 20 minutes, or they are a little frequent, 7 minutes, there’s nothing problematic. But if the heater crosses this range, it needs a repair. Generally, owners can go for heating repair in Tucson, AZ, for the best heating repairs.

  • Home Energy Efficiency Issues

Generally, the insulation problems halt the furnace performance and cycling. Whenever a house suffers from inadequate insulation, several cycling issues occur in the furnace. Escaping hot air through unsealed doors or windows would make the heater generate more heat. That means the heater would continue to run for a longer duration due to excess load. After good insulation of those same doors and windows, the cycling problem gets cleared.

  • Short Cycling and Other Trouble Signs

Frequent cycling in the furnace, also known as “short cycling,” could indicate some problems with the furnace, and an inspection might be necessary. There may be numerous reasons that cause short cycling. Even something as basic as replacing the filter or clearing out clogged air vents might cause this.

Various other troubles, such as issues with the thermostat, flame sensor, blower motor, require quick attention from an HVAC technician. Allowing an HVAC technician to examine things and perform a necessary fix seems to be the better plan. Worn or damaged parts might only get worse unless a technician fixes everything.

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