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Most Common AC Problems That Require Repairs

Every Air conditioner has a lifespan that decreases due to different failures of various components in an AC system. An air conditioning unit requires AC repairs for proper functioning and maintaining good health of the AC unit.

Some common AC problems might require you to contact our professional help for AC repair in Tucson, AZ.

  • Lower Refrigerant

Refrigerant acts as the cooling fluid inside your ac system. If you observe that your AC unit is giving out warm air, it’s a sign of low refrigerant. This might trigger a chain reaction inside the ac unit, including the coil and various other components that start freezing up and eventually leads to system failure.

If you are using an old ac unit, then leakages might happen due to loose fittings. If you observe a low level of refrigerant, contact our professionals.

Tucson AC service experts would refill the coolant and check for any leakages. Also, they would fix the leaks to prevent any wastage of gases that might decrease your energy savings.

It is advised that you should check the coolant level in the air conditioner unit at least once annually.

  • Primary Motor Starter

A motor starter works like a gas automobile engine. The primary motor starter inside your AC unit might fail or be severely damaged, which leads your system to reject switching on from the thermostat.

Operating your air conditioner through the thermostat activates a specific switch for pulling the points to send electricity to the unit. Since these points open and close, it causes pitting and burning. Our technicians can help you with AC repair in Tucson, AZ, and your ac system will start to function immediately.

Always check your primary motor starter’s condition after every service is completed. If the device appears burned, pitted, or weekend, it’s better to replace it.

  • Secondary Motor Controller

A secondary motor controller in an AC regulates the voltage supply from the electrical source to your HVAC unit. Also consisting of a fan, motor, located outdoors and your compressor. These are major components that cost a lot of money to replace if a breakdown occurs.

A faulty controller would cause the wrong voltage to enter your system that affects the entire ac system. Choose a trained professional to repair your ac unit.

  • Faulty Compressor

A faulty compressor for your AC is going to cost a lot to replace. Hence it is important to look after the compressor unit to avoid failure. Since a compressor pumps the coolant from outside the unit through a coil and then pumps cold air throughout your system, it performs an essential task.

Inadequate airflow, collection of debris, and poor installation might cause compressor failure. Always remember that proper maintenance or checkup increases the life of an ac unit. Cleaning the coil and the outdoor unit every month is important. This would help you to avoid common air conditioner problems.

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