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Most Common Furnace Repairs

Winter has arrived, and suddenly the furnace has become your favorite household appliance. You’ll probably be running your furnace quite a bit during the next few months, so make sure it’s in good working order. You should not ignore any indicators of a problem with your furnace. 

Running your furnace with a problem will exacerbate the problem, increasing your energy bills and repair expenditures. As a result, homeowners must be aware of the warning signals that their furnace is malfunctioning. 

Three of the most typical furnace repairs are listed below:

Cleaning the ductwork and replacing the dirty filter

  • Dust and debris creep into your heating ducts from time to time. It reduces the amount of hot air you get. 
  • If your furnace isn’t heating the house as it used to, your ductwork may need to be cleaned. 
  • Place your palm in front of your vents and feel the quantity of air coming out to check the airflow. 
  • It would help if you enrolled in a monthly maintenance plan with a reputable HVAC expert like heating repair in Marana to avoid future issues. 
  • A filter in your furnace keeps your air clean while blocking dirt, allergies, pollutants, and other airborne hitchhikers. 
  • It would be best if you replaced most filters every month or two. If your furnace is working harder than it should, it may be time to change the filter. 

Heat exchanger replacement

  • You’ve probably never heard of it, but trust us when professionals like a heating contractor in Tucson, AZ, say that you’re thankful for your furnace’s heat exchanger. 
  • A coil of heated tubes serves as the heat exchanger. Your furnace warms the air by forcing it through these heated tubes before distributing it around your home. 
  • If you’re getting air out of your vents, but it’s not warm, the heat exchanger could be the source of the problem.
  • With the number of heat tubes handled, regular furnace maintenance must keep them in good working order. 
  • If you don’t, they may crack or develop other problems. It is one of the most costly repairs you may require, although it is less expensive than purchasing a new furnace. 

Thermostat replacement

  • Sometimes, the issue with your furnace isn’t even related to the furnace. Your thermostat, in most situations, detects the temperature in your home. 
  • Based on this information, it then instructs the furnace to begin a heating cycle. A faulty thermostat may display the incorrect temperature. 
  • As a result, your furnace will either produce unnecessary heat or stop providing heat when your room is cold. 
  • It’s also possible that the messages your thermostat sends to the furnace aren’t working. A problem with the electrical system can occur at any time. 
  • An HVAC service such as heating repair in Tucson, AZ, can evaluate your thermostat and determine its malfunctioning. 

Calling an HVAC specialist like furnace repair in Tucson to evaluate your furnace with a qualified eye is the only way to know for sure what is creating problems. Air4U can help you swiftly repair your furnace difficulties and avoid significant problems or even safety risks. Call us at (888) 702-4748 or drop us a mail here.