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What Is The Cost for Goodman Heat Pumps?

You might have just seen a red light on your Goodman furnace, which was not there earlier. If it is gleaming solid yellow or amber, then that implies all is well, and you have a good furnace. But if you see a red light blinking in your furnace, that means that the furnace is in poor condition.

What To Do When You Notice The Blinking Light?

When you notice the blinking red light, it is normally an indication for the heating ventilation and air conditioning repair technician to know what the issue is. Commonly, the code is between two and nine, and it will keep repeating the flashing code. Sometimes this signal may be kindled by warm weather conditions, and resetting can solve the issue. If not, service by an experienced repair person may be needed for your system.

It may take some time before the system restarts, but you can reset your Goodman furnace by turning your thermostat “off” for thirty seconds and then turning it back “on.” After a few minutes, check if the outdoor unit is working if you still have any problems. If the light doesn’t stop flickering or the outdoor unit does not restart, there is an issue that will need a skilled HVAC service technician.

Comprehending The Blinking Light

  • High Limit Switch & Roll Out Switch

The high limit switch detects the heat that is the temperature inside the heat exchanger, which signals the fan to turn off to keep the heat exchanger from overheating. The roll-out switches inside of the furnace are responsible for checking heat where it should not be. A high limit switch error code can be modified by replacing your furnace filter, but, you need to call a machinist if that doesn’t function.

  • Blower Running After Power Up

Your blower might fire up when power is restored to your furnace. You might notice an error code, but this is just a system check for your furnace, and it should reboot soon.

  • Pressure Switch And Inducer Failures

Inducers and pressure switches are very important parts of a furnace. They ensure that the furnace is discharging unwanted gas. This is best left to an experienced technician to handle, inspect to see if your exhaust or chimney is blocked first because that may solve the crisis.

  • Gas, Ignition Failure, or Proving Fault

Some codes suggest an error with the gas, ignition loss, or flame proving failure are generally directed at the burner assembly region. This could be a pointer that your flame sensor is filthy, and clearing it should rectify the problem. Nonetheless, this could also suggest that there is an issue with the ignitors or gas valve. Gas can be a risky area, so it’s best to call a competent technician.

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