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What is the Best Method For Air Duct Cleaning?

If you or anyone from the family suffers from respiratory disease like asthma, you need to keep all your home AC and heater ducts clean. However, it is equally important to keep the ducts clean even if you do not suffer from any such problems to ensure that indoor air quality is not degraded and you breathe in clean and fresh air. Air ducts are known to be the backbone of your air conditioning system, and it plays the most important role in keeping your AC upright. If you live in Tucson, you might know how compact residential and commercial air ducts can be. Hence it is advised that you must pay proper heed towards these ducts and opt for a regular air duct cleaning in Tucson.

Most suitable methods for air duct cleaning:

Cleaning your air ducts will significantly reduce the risk of contaminated air and further increase air quality. However, it is always advised that instead of cleaning air ducts on your own, you must take assistance from an HVAC contractor that is specialized in this field and further holds all the advanced pieces of equipment to make duct cleaning more effective, efficient, and in a more proper way. The methods of air duct cleaning are evolving every day due to technological advancements.

Mentioned below are some of the most suitable methods for air duct cleaning.

  • Removing the source of contaminants: Accurate cleansing of air ducts necessitates eliminating the origins of pollution. This commences with applying one or numerous agitating tools devised to release pollutants from the ductwork facades. The HVAC contractor wipes out the dirt and debris from the brushes, compressed air, air whips, or through contact vacuuming to ensure no dirt is left behind.
  • Accumulation of Contaminants: During the duct cleaning process, the ductwork is constantly under a negative vacuum pressure to limit contaminants’ expanse like hair strands, dust, etc. This negative vacuum process enables the release of even the finest dirt particles that are airborne and can spread any disease.
  • Access to the system: As every home and its structure is unparalleled in its design, each HVAC system is established differently. HVAC technicians are experts in finding out where the air duct of a particular home or building is. They can easily access the system, clean the ducts with their efficient tools, and again perform the patchwork most professionally. In addition to this, they can also present you with the most honest advice about whether the duct’s repair cleaning is sufficient or you might consider repairing or replacing your air duct.

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