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When Is the Best Time To Schedule HVAC Maintenance?

Timing is everything when it comes to HVAC maintenance. Heating and cooling systems include numerous moving parts, and it is best to care for each component at different times. But, before we choose the best time to schedule heating and air conditioner repair in Marana or maintenance service for your HVAC system, let’s look at what maintenance entails.

What is Included in HVAC Maintenance?


HVAC maintenance is the process of inspecting, cleaning, testing, and potentially repairing and replacing components in a heating or air conditioning system. You can prevent problems from becoming worse ones by investing in HVAC system maintenance.

There is an HVAC maintenance checklist that you or your HVAC specialist will use to ensure that every aspect of the air conditioner or heater is in good working order.

  • Cleaning: Leaves, debris, and dirt will need to be removed from the outdoor unit. You’ll also need to clean your filters. After that, other sections of the HVAC system, such as the condenser coils, drain lines, drain pans, and evaporator coils, will need to be cleaned.

  • Inspections: The HVAC specialist will look at the compressor, condenser coils, ductwork, electrical wiring connections, fan blades, heat exchangers, and service valves, among other things. It’s also essential to check for any odors originating from the HVAC system.

  • Lubricating: Because an HVAC system contains many moving parts, lubrication is essential. Friction and grinding occur when components are not lubricated, causing severe damage to the HVAC system.

  • Replacements: During maintenance, there are a few things that need replacement.

When is the Best Time to Schedule or Call your HVAC Maintenance Services?

The best time to schedule HVAC maintenance services is before any problems arise, rather than when you most need your equipment. In other words, you should plan routine visits ahead of any peak season. It is generally preferable to contact a technician during these times because they are less likely to be overburdened with emergency services.

If your heating system requires maintenance, you should get it serviced by a technician during the fall. So, when winter arrives, you’ll be able to fill your home with warm, pleasant air. It is advisable to schedule a maintenance service for your air conditioning system in early spring. That will assist in keeping your building cool as the harsh summer heat begins to rise in the middle of the year and avoid costly Air Conditioning repair in Marana.

Importance of HVAC Maintenance

HVAC maintenance is vital for several reasons, one of the most important beings that it increases the life of your system. When you do not have your HVAC unit maintained, it might reduce the lifespan of your system. Having it inspected ensures that it will last as long as possible. HVAC maintenance also lowers your expenses, saves energy, improves indoor air quality, makes your HVAC system function more smoothly, and reduces repairs.

If you are looking for heating or AC Maintenance in Marana, call the professionals at AIR4U for help. Just like you wouldn’t hire an inexperienced person to do common home repairs, you wouldn’t hire just anyone to do HVAC maintenance.

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